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More About RingLead

RingLead is a SaaS cloud-based data orchestration platform that offers a complete end-to-end suite of solutions to discover, clean, protect, enhance, segment, score, and route your CRM and marketing automation data. Since 2003 RingLead has helped solve the data challenges of Fortune 500, and other large, medium, & small enterprises across the globe. RingLead automates the way organizations conduct their most important data processes: - Deduplication - Normalization - Enrichment - Validation - Routing - List-building - Segmentation - Lead-to-account linking - Duplicate prevention - Prospecting - Routing - Discover - Scoring RingLead’s suite of data orchestration solutions include: RingLead Cleanse: RingLead's cleanse allows users to clean existing CRM and Marketing Automation data in a variety of ways. Overall, RingLead has cleansed billions of records. - Dedupe persons, leads, contacts, accounts, and custom objects - Dedupe cross objects i.e. leads vs contacts - Link persons and leads to accounts - Normalize the structure of your data - Segment your data into groups - Mass manipulate and update any group of data - Mass delete any group of data RingLead Prevent: It's 10X more cost-effective to prevent dirty data than to cleanse it after creation. RingLead's top competitive advantage has always been our emphasis on protecting CRM and Marketing Automation from the perimeter. All of our competitors retroactively cleanse data, which can have major negative downstream effects. Whether data enters your systems via list import, web submission, manual entry, or systems sync, RingLead makes sure everything is organized as its being created. RingLead Enrich: Seamlessly integrate multiple third-party data sources with your internal systems and data ingestion processes to optimize ROI from third-party data enrichment. Assign multiple vendors to enrich a single field by creating if/then Boolean statements that determine which vendors are utilized, in which order. Apply Enrichment to CRM and Marketing Automation in batch, list import, web submission, triggers, and while you type. Segment enrichment data to the taxonomy that fits your system requirements. Score enrichment and first-party data to create ideal customer profiles. RingLead Route: The most complete routing solution in the market. RingLead route allows you to validate, enhance, normalize, segment, match, link, and route new leads, contacts, accounts, opportunities, and other objects in a single flow. By incorporating all of these functionalities into a single flow, RingLead is the fastest, most accurate, lead routing solution in SaaS. RingLead Capture: Capture! is a CRM user's best friend. It's a Chrome extension that follows you around the web, and allows you to parse contact and company data off of any structured or unstructured webpage. The days of copying and pasting contacts into your CRM or sales automation tool are over!! Capture! also integrates with any combination of data providers, which allows it to be effective in any market. It also seamlessly integrates with Salesforce, Dynamics, Marketo, Outreach, Salesloft, and more. Data mining and entry has never been so easy.